Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


To ensure copyright compliance, permission must be obtained from the rightful owner of any content that you wish to use or share. This is crucial in order to avoid any legal issues related to copyright infringement. When seeking permission, it is important to clearly outline how you intend to use the content and to obtain written consent whenever possible. In addition to obtaining permission, it is essential to practice safe sharing of copyrighted material. This involves using proper citation and giving credit to the original creator whenever you share their work. By maintaining consistency in citing sources and following copyright laws, you not only protect yourself legally but also show respect for the hard work and creativity of others involved with We have a pool of academicians, specialists and training enthusiasts who have spent a huge amount of time and effort in collating all relevant information to make this undertaking a success.


The nature of information obtained and available to use here at may vary based on the specific circumstances, environment, personalities involved, and the intended outcome. It’s important to recognize that the content of this disclaimer is, ‘that not all information provided on our website is always set in stone’. It may need to be adjusted accordingly to suit the particular situation at hand. Factors such as the context in which the information provided by is being used, the audience it is targeting, and the desired end result can all play a role in shaping the wording and tone of the certifications. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider these variables when effectively communicating the necessary information and the knowledge obtained through

Online Resources takes pride in inclusion. As a user of, you will find online references, as a valuable resource to gather information, conduct research, or enhance your knowledge on particular areas of expertise. By utilizing existing online references, we can collectively save time and effort by not having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or start from scratch. As our focus is on efficient work processes, and the ability to add value, we build upon existing knowledge. Leveraging online references can also foster constructive collaborations among different parties. By sharing and referencing trusted sources of information, we establish common grounds, facilitate communication, and work together towards a shared goal. We aim to promote creativity, innovation, and develop new ideas and solutions through the collective expertise of multiple contributors of

Cyber Safety protects privacy and personal information by implementing robust security strategies to help safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access and misuse. Our key security strategy is encryption, which involves encoding data so that only authorized parties can access it. Through our regular security software updates and systems, we protect our data against evolving threats. Our security focus will remain in conducting regular security audits and risk assessments to help identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in privacy and promote protection measures. Additional training on best practices for handling personal information and raising awareness about potential security risks to all uses of strengthens our overall privacy.

Personal Information gathers personal information mainly for an online training module purchase or to connect to you for professional collaborations. We prioritize data security and privacy. At, we collect only essential information such as name, email address, and payment details. We make sure to use a secure payment gateway to protect sensitive data. would clearly communicate to users how their information will be used and stored, and obtain their consent before proceeding. Additionally, we comply with data protection regulations to ensure that personal information is handled responsibly. works towards best practices to create a trustworthy and secure environment for users to purchase online training modules and continue being our customers for long terms.

Opting Out

When it comes to managing email communications, opting out is a common practice to reduce unwanted messages from us, To do this, you need to look for the “unsubscribe” option within the email itself. By clicking on this link, you can request to stop receiving emails from us about our updates, new courses, seminars and other interesting domestic and international collaborations and workshops. You may wish to unfollow us, on social media platforms and you will no longer see our creative posts or updates on your feed. We would appreciate a call from you to gather feedback and reasons to opt out for which we have our contact information on our website at your service.

Open Sources

It’s imperative that knowledge sharing and open communication on growth strategies is the most important call of the hour. connects with several related sites that can be incredibly helpful. Platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Quora, Reddit, Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare and more where professionals and experts share their insights and experiences to collaborate and share articles, publications, new terminologies, conversations on advanced technologies, career opportunities and more. We at are excellent with resourcing information, strategies and growth initiatives for delving deep into specific knowledge areas and gaining practical information from industry experts, researchers, scientists, academicians, students and growth enthusiasts.

Data Usage

Access to data is crucial at Enabling data editing, and ensuring the freedom to legally utilize and share knowledge in a cost-effective manner is the target and goal of our collaborations. Through our security and data protection policies we bring about the required control on who has admittance to data. We at protect your privacy and maintain the integrity of the information accessible to you and your peers. This access empowers users to modify data as needed, for accuracy, security and improvement reasons. Providing the freedom to lawfully use data promotes innovation and collaboration, leading to efficient ways of sharing knowledge and fostering growth in various fields. At, managing data access plays a vital role in upholding privacy rights, enabling productive data utilization, and facilitating the exchange of information within legal frameworks.

Refund and Cancellation

At, we pay attention to detail while curating and personalizing our courses. The pool of trainers and timeframes are coordinated accordingly. We recommend our registered candidates to complete the entire session when opted to do as cancelling or requesting for a refund may adversely affect both, our financial situation and data aspects. Refunding or canceling courses at the last minute may lead to data discrepancies and privacy leaks. These issues could potentially harm the reputation of the organization we collaborate with. To mitigate these challenges, we focus on gathering feedback from students and instructors to identify areas for improvement. By soliciting suggestions for enhancement, we at can adapt and evolve our courses to better meet the needs of our stakeholders. However, in unavoidable circumstances it’s prudent to reserve the option for cancellation or refund for genuine reasons to maintain the integrity of our system and ensure fairness for all parties involved.

Reschedule or Exchange Courses

At, we offer a convenient solution for students who need to make changes to their course schedules. Instead of opting out or leaving the program entirely, we provide the option to reschedule or switch to a different course within the same enrollment year. This flexibility allows students to adapt to changing circumstances or preferences without having to start over or abandon their educational goals. By enabling rescheduling and course changes, we aim to support our students in achieving success and reaching their full potential within our educational programs. If you have any questions or need assistance with adjusting your course schedule, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for help.

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